10 May 2015


Nice weather, let's head over the hill. Meet Ali at the cars, wander into Sharphaw. Quite a long way up the track.

The boulders look down on the A65, it's quite a view. The first buttress Airedale Wall looks rubbish. It is not. Undercut at the base, rough, with thin breaks it is good. It gets my arms burning as we work our way though a few problems and finish on some sitter at an alleged 4+, odd that it takes three goes. We wander on to Geronweeit and Estafonit. Great names for quality problems, undercut ribs on lovely wind eroded breaks, sublime. A low wall has some thin crimps to slappy tops.

Ali shows me the way on undercut rib, I can only flail and cheat my way up it but get to pull on the best pocket on grit. I find some silly dyno for a distant lip and it sticks after a few throws, more fun. Rough slab is that and more, again quality and we finish on a techy slab where you can climb on just your finger ends if you believe enough.

Wind is up now and skin is thin, there is a burn in my arms, time to head off. A change is as good as a rest. Good session 20 problems, all new ground, mint.
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