21 May 2015

Palleys Crag

4 pm I'm leaving the madness of central Leeds on my bike, pedalling away from all that  humanity and towards the trees and the green.

By the time I get to Blubberhouses people are few and even the trees are thinning out. I wander up though the moss and the bog to Palley's Crag, a few bits of Moorland grit, tonight covered in sun and a wind with still a hint of chill on a micro moor near nowhere much. The only sign of humanity as I chuck my mat down are a bit of Paul Clarke' s chalk in a slot under a low steep wall and a farmhouse down the hill. I can see for miles around me.

I pull on a few of the sit start roof/wall problems, they are lovely, pockets and slots to rounded tops. The big throw number beats me at the mantel and press move,  I cheat a reachy finish on the left but I know it will not do and now you know.

Stu wanders up with drier feet than I bought and we sort out a few of the easier problems which are still steep but good, pockets and flakes with bowls at the top.

Another block has less holds and more roundness from the wind, it is different climbing but it is still good. I'm cold now. As we head out a curlew flapping like a UKIP candidate under questioning struggles to make progress against the wind as the sun starts to leave us. 

A mini adventure, a city break. How lucky am I?
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