21 September 2014

High Nab

A stroll form the overpriced, over packaged theme park of the Cavendish Pavillion at Bolton Abbey is High Nab and if you want it, real micro adventure. Some real family friendly entertainment for the more discerning punter. 25 minutes up the Valley of Desolation and then a steep 10 minutes out the valley floor on the righthand side. We skirt the herd of cows, Rachael loves all other animals more than cows The youngest threatening rebellion as we near the lip and the late season sun sweating us all through.

The grouse boulder delivers fun for all, nothing to taxing, but fun never the less and maybe we could claim second ascents, not many had passed this way for sure. Lunch is eaten and the view over the whole of Barden Moor warms your soul.

We find a route, we climb a route. The wind gains some strength and the summer turns to late autumn in a moment. Youngest bobs off and hangs around until he is re-attached, but he finishes with style. Everyone else has  grins as they finish and we are on our way out 3 hours after we started.

Esoteric crags like this are best discovered for yourself, don't try this one I made it all up. There are plenty more in the guide, check them out.

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