5 June 2014


Bound for Font this evening. I'll leave Bryn to do the reporting post-trip - he's the Font virgin, after all.

Me, I'll be keeping my head down for a bit once we get back. My left shoulder has been feeling the strain for the last few months - in all honesty, I blame the attempts at handstands - and my physiotherapist, Charlotte, can only roll her eyes so much. She taped my shoulder up this morning, knowing full well that I was headed for a trip of uber-bouldering, so now I feel I owe her something. My appointment with her is open for the next six weeks, so post-Font I'm ducking out of the game for a while. Morrell's Wall will have to wait. I'll take at least a month off and then see Charlotte again, at which point I'll either climb on a healed shoulder or climb on a dodgy one. But I have to give resting it a go. The most I'll be willing to do in that time is some scrambling - we've got eyes on several scrambles in the Lake District. And I suppose I'll probably still turn up at the crag to do some spotting for you, and to watch the sunsets.

So, if I don't see you there, I'll see you on the other side. In the meantime, pull hard.

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