6 May 2014


Brimham again, same crag, same weekend as my last post, different time of day. Bank holiday Monday 2pm. The cars are queuing onto the road, We park in a soft verge. In we walk, Brimham is infested by humans. There is an amiable  group of us by the pommel boulders. Somewhere along the way via the miracle of social media a photographer and assistant have appeared. Pictures are taken and a few problems are sent on their way.

My kid wanders under some bloke trying to finish Black Dog Arete. The bloke gets a strop on, but it's the busiest day at Brimham since records began. Surely kids running round the rocks is on the list of things to expect today? I have a few words he sort of agrees, but you get the feeling he is the loner zen type, no kids, all internal dialogue. Odd choice of venue today then when Round Hill, Sypeland and Guiselcliffe will be empty.

We head round to Acme Wall. Louis fancies a pull on it. 7 metres of highball 6A, E3 5c in old money. You wouldn't want to drop the last move, although you would probably walk away. He has a look and gets to the crux than backs down. It is warm now and the crucial crimp is more sloper than in cut. A crowd forms as he heads back up. The camera snaps away, breaths is held. He steps up and pulls through, then he is in the break and finishing off to a round of applause and exhalation. A rockstar is born.

Myself and the boys head out, it's been more circus than woodland, no worse an experience but completely different to Saturday.

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