3 April 2014

We are all in this together

This week the GB bouldering team via  Mina Leslie-Wujastyk asked for crowd funding so they can travel round the World Cup circuit as a sponsor had pulled out at the last minute. Most pro climbers don't have pots of cash.

24 hours later the required 8 grand was in place and they were back on track. 
Well done GB climbing community you played a blinder, here is what I hope happens:

You see last week they were climbing for themselves, the sponsors and the "country" thing is nobody really knew what national pride meant.

They know now, people care enough to stick their hands in their pockets, they stood up and implicitly said "we believe in you, you're worth a few quid". Now when their funding expectations were exceeded so quickly maybe something extraordinary became more likely? When you are one of the best climbers in the world and you know that lots of people believe you can win, maybe it becomes 1% easier? At the very highest levels of elite sport winning margins are often this or less.

Shauna has had the potential for two years at least. She was always strong as you like but I thought her tactically raw. In fairness you have to remember how young she was/is. Actually she was performing out of her skin and defining the women's, GB comp role model and all in one season, big ask.  Mina has come on leaps and bounds and the way she kept pulling back onto Careless Torque on that video, before taking another big fall and finally sending it, made me realise she had the kind of tenacity that makes a champion.

The boys oddly may see the most benefit from this, they are outrageously talented climbers. When I told Dave Barran's his setting was a bit hard once, he did a particularly tricky problem in his crocs then just grinned at me whilst he sanded his fingers, after that I STFU. I think he just needs the kind of lift Andy Murray got when he realised that despite coming across as a dour Scots git we all wanted him to win. And that he could be the man.  If Dave delivers a performance that exceeds his own expectations he could tear up the script. Amongst the others in the team who is to say someone else won't put in a performance that could delight us all?

So I'm excited in the way I was excited when I heard Meshuga had gone, or I saw the video of Pete Whittaker on Baron Greenback. GB climbing is in rude good health, I wish them all well. I hope they all end up with enough cash so it means they can concentrate on doing what they do best. Will I be watching and screaming at the screen? Oh yes it's required viewing now, I have bought a ticket.

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