18 April 2014

Easter, no egg


Back in the Peak again it's looking like my local area the moment. We are braving the April frosts in a tipi at Kniveton.

Wednesday and we are back at Cratcliffe for it's family friendliness and it's beautiful wind eroded boulders that need firm hands if they are to be beaten. It's Easter I want to climb the Egg. The Egg has other ideas. A polished elephants arse with maybe two proper holds and otherwise just slight changes in steepness on which to ply your trade.

My brother sorts out the central scoop at 5+, I flail on the arete (6b'ish) I'm off the ground but wide of the mark and gawd help us it's too hot for the first time this year. The crucial sloper is a grease fest and won't provide me with enough friction to move my feet. I pull till it peels, again and again and again.

We head up to the top boulders. The classic one move wonder on the rib succumbs without the arete at V3'ish the pinch is greasing up in the bright sun but somehow I hold on. We play tunes on Pink Slab eliminating the chips but really wanting to eliminate the chippers.  Time was these were really nice problems now they have become eliminates so some arsehole can make them easy enough for them to do, rather than improve. I skin a knee on Last Arete as it shrugs me off. After that it's kick the can as we all catch some rays. Then off to Tissington to paddle and eat cake. It felt like summer today, All good.
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