22 February 2014

Pulp Friction

It were a bit windy up crag.
Apparently we are in the middle of the 'Grit Season' right now. However, I'm definitely in the middle of the 'Plastic Season'- so far this year my only touch of the grit has been a damp and rather underwhelming trip to Brimham. Dropping temperatures may increase the friction, but the increasing chance of wind, rain, and significant lack of daylight mean my Grit Season really starts when the clocks change. In the meantime, I'm resigned to spending my evening climbs indoors hucking it up multi-coloured holds, drinking fresh coffee, and listening to eclectic soundtracks. So it was a breath of fresh air today to actually get outdoors and have a 'proper' climb up at the 'Cliff. More than a breath in turned out- there was enough wind to blow us up anything we faced!

Stu tucking into Pork Chop Slab
After a while the wind died down and myself and the boy joined Louis, Stu, and Communal Climbing Comrade Mike at the West Cave. First climbs back out always bring back the same old quandries- discovering where the holds are all by ourselves (no colour coding), remembering how sticky gritstone actually is (and how unforgiving), bricking it when you top out (rather than just climbing down the easy holds). Louis dived straight in the deep end by jumping straight onto 3 Swings Traverse- a heroic attempt that he may have begun to regret when he started the dangle over the ramp halfway across! I thought I'd keep it simple and just do one of the Swings, and even managed to get back to my mobile just in time to snap up some new Evolv shoes on Ebay. Meanwhile Stu was obviously feeling peckish and got stuck into Pork Chop Slab. Either one of the crimps had come off, or Stu had forgotten where it was, but this took a bit of working out and much entertainment for us all.
Louis and Mike then worked on the rest of the wall, making good progress but getting freaked by the top outs, whilst Stu and myself played on eliminating the Postbox on the Postman- the Sorry You Weren't In? The sun even came out for a bit, not bad for February.

We left the rest of the crag for another day as temperatures were dropping- I'm sure the friction was starting to go through the roof but I quite fancied a cuppa.

Cosmo basking in the Winter sun.

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