3 January 2014

On The First Climb of The Year

The Depot, Pudsey, with Bryn, and Lee was around also. A glance at the walls showed that new black problems were order of the evening. The session was notable because - hate to blow my own trumpet - I was on pretty good form. Bryn had had a week off over Christmas, but I'd managed to keep my hand in, and it showed. Or perhaps it just so happened that the problems were set in a way that suited my physique more than Bryn's. It seemed that I flashed more problems, got more problems cleanly, and generally just climbed more anyway - with bonus handstand attempts in between climbs. I even outdid Lee on one problem, though neither of us finished it off - one for next week.

Fine session, good friends, good vibes. I like The Depot.

But about that first climb of the year - it hasn't happened yet.

I haven't been out on the grit for a few weeks. I can't get out this weekend, but I'm sure the chance will arise soon. When it does, we'll see the days getting longer, the nights rolling out, the clocks will change, and the crags will be ours again. It may not be grit season by then - I'm not even sure when that is, but as long as I can get out on the rock for an enjoyable session I don't really mind.

So, I had a good session on the plastic, but it was on my mind throughout that it didn't really tell me much about how it will be when we get back out on the rock - for the first real climb of the year. I worry that it won't help, or that I don't know what will help, or that if I do know what helps I won't get round to doing it. I don't mind too much. I still want to get out there on the rock - with friends, under sky and sunset - and climb.

It does a job, but it is a different job.

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