23 November 2013

Not bad for a kid

Craig meets me at the gate, James is warming up as we get to Morrrell's, not a cloud, mint. We try Flying Arete  I sort my feet and get the slot but its still uphill from there, back down I go, progress mind not to be sneezed at. James and Craig are shut down we move on. Dreamland is just that we dream and on we go. Pebble Wall gets bothered Craig is getting some pebbles and looks set, James looks solid on both pebbles, he is a pull from glory but no cigar.  I get the hang of the hop and finally a pebble, we all move a little further along the journey. James looking most likely and Craig might yet get there first. Than the tallest man in the world lanks his way from crimp to finish hold for an unlikely tick.

We give the  Dolphin Belly Slap some attention, we fully expect to get spat off and laughed at but some beta off a guy with it in the bag unlocks the moves. Its all tension and heel hooks. James gets himself set, heads out under the roof, heel on and slaps for the lip. He sticks it and from there he is throwing for the finish hold and yarding up the jugs, effort. A pig flies over and I'm suddenly established under the roof slapping for the lip too, and I don't do roofs,  the lip is touched but not held, seemed more likely than pebble wall though, more progress happy with that.

Token visit to the Virgin Traverse for the standard burly beating up. James nearly finishes it but runs out of arms after the corner. Me and Craig just run out of arms.

A good session, a few problems looked like they might yet have solutions today and it was nice to be on the sunny side of the valley. Almscliff seems to be giving away a few bits and pieces this weekend get on it before there is nothing left.

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