28 August 2013

You wouldn't understand you weren't in 'Nam - Caley with Children

Dave gets persuaded out with his boys mine come along too. We RV at the Caley gate and move less than covertly up the track. Have we already alerted the VC to our approach? We try the sugar loaf but the Cong beat us back, using surprise and terror. The woods are full of threat, every shadow could spell the end. The boys take up positions on boulders to scare them back, you can see the enemy retreat as the tactical shouting and prat falls begin.

Before I know it a pig's head is on a stick and the kids are lighting fires and eating beetles on the forest floor. How could this all  go so badly wrong so quickly, is the veneer of humanity so thin?

Overwhelmed by this un-ravelling Dave beats a tactical retreat back to the FOB, the pigs head looks sightlessly at him as he goes. No doubt here who is Lord of all Flies.

Somewhere along the way I dimly remember seeing Kate and Craig and getting the secret to Luna implanted into my brain. I'm not quite sure but weren't Stu, Bryn and Cosmo burying a body in a shell scrape near Green Wall? Whilst Louis stood by nodding, rocking and humming a pigs ear in one hand.

Oddly amongst the chaos and the very  real life pyscho-drama. I squeeze in three new problems. Including that weird low roof near Pine Tree Arete that I have been failing for years. Tonight with no time to think I got the sequence in one.  Bouldering with a group of children. It's event driven, but you wouldn't understand you weren't in 'Nam.
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