19 August 2013

What is my motivation for this? - late summer navel gazing

I have found I'm getting a little tired of climbing recently. I feel like I'm working hard but making little progress, same venues, same problems. I felt like this the last time I climbed regularly for a few years. Then I stopped for the best part of 10 years. This time I'm keen not to make the same mistake.

I think part of the problem is I'm now surrounded by good climbers with youth or at least relative youth and boundless enthusiasm on their sides. In theory that should drag me up by it seems to be working to demotivate me. I have considered having them all killed but this seems a little extreme, perhaps I should focus on my own weaknesses rather than their strengths a bit more?

Perhaps its just a matter of trying harder. I seem to have been not giving it 100% lately and that more often than not is the secret to success. My latent OCD-self likes to focus on one particular problem and wear it down, in a group you go with the flow a bit more. I would rather climb with people than alone though. Perhaps it is time to be inspired by better climbers rather than intimidated by them.

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