2 August 2013

Very Small Victories

First, where were you all? It was a gorgeous night at the crag, perhaps not classical climbing weather - the friction has been better - but there'll be fewer nights as good as this one to be out in. Of course, the problem there was that a great many... 'blanks', to use a recently heard expression, were out in force as well, asking us what our bouldering mats were and such like. Come and have a go, I bid them - let them try and earn their place on the crag.

Sorry, horribly snobby, I know.

The warm-up wall, the usual, plus a sly problem between the two standard ones, using a bit of each, but becoming its own animal. A quick jaunt up between West Cave and Great Western found us a nifty little bit of esoterica to play with, and we went to fetch our mats for it.

Once we got the mats, we elected instead to work on Morrell's Wall for a while, and it was here that the small victories came. The first was a hand on the second crimp. The second was moving the left foot once the crimp was stuck. From there, frustration, as it refused to go any further, or even to be duplicated reliably. Still, two moves further along Morrell's in one night is pretty encouraging, though I do need to try to phase out use of my right knee in the big break - using it feels like a short-term strategy, though others have been known to use it also (well, they used their own knee rather than mine).

Back to the esoteric spot, for some fine work on a three rock problem:

I suspect some of the gang will like this one, and I look forward to working it some more, though coming off it means risking a slide down to the car park.

We took a break, and sat ourselves on a nearby boulder with a fine view out over the landscape, though vision was occasionally obscured...

Oddly enough, from this point, we didn't manage to get any more climbs done. Funny, that...
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