10 August 2013


Earl Crag in August it's oddly cool and there is a breeze blowing through officially good conditions I reckon. Craig and Kate wander up and we have a look. We hit the Trick Arête bay. We find a world of sit start and throw for the lip type problems. We work through them, many claiming 6B but soft for the grade I think. The highlights are a steeply overhung arête which goes with a huge lunge and Kate slowly working her way up the scoop, try by try with fear bubbling up left and right.  She gets there in the end, she has been in balance for five seconds before she relaxes when she tops out. Between us we tick the bloc, how often does that happen?

The view into the dales is a winner Ingleborough and Penyghent brooding lumps in the distance the odd black cloud threatening.

To business, Trick Arete a fierce crystal crimp and an insecure foothold before you static for a good'ish edge and glory. Each go takes a layer of skin like a scalpel. Craig is off the ground me to but we are lunging where we need precision. 

On go 6 my left foot does something right and I have more control, still don't stick the edge mind. As I pop off I tear a flapper on my finger end and slink off beaten. Craig has longer lasting fingers but no more joy. 

We play around on Coolhand but we are beaten really so we head out. Good session but that dam arête, how can it have so many holds but be so awkward?
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