20 August 2013

The other end of the Glen

I met Craig at Shipley Glen we warmed up on John he came round to our way of thinking. Craig dropped a bombshell how about we go left? We went left.

We found the slightly high Layaway which was worth bothering at an alleged V2. Next and we wade through the head high Jungle to Leaper buttress. We lept up leaper which is hard for 4a. We spent some time working what may have been Hammer if it was it was good value at 4b and harder than Layaway but the grades here seem mostly made up, if you can pull on breaks you can climb them. Then we headed down to Christine's Horror which was not horrid.

Craig then  did something to a finger on the slightly scarily named Voodo doll which I nearly finished but I was a couple of shuffles short of the full traverse. Craig's finger swelled and went red from the inside out horror film stylee, he did less.

A change of scenery and a few things ticked feeling better now.
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