29 August 2013

Stand up for Stanage

Stanage is arguably the best grit climbing in Britain, I have done bad routes there but not many. It is Gritstone climbing in the Peak in many ways. I will be making my first visit this century in a few weeks, I bet its a grand day out, they usually are.

The National Park Authority are short of cash they want to raise more money from the North Lees estate where Stanage is. No detail yet, but the BMC are concerned that filthy lucre may be put before conservation. I am too my kids have never climbed there. When they do I would like them to experience the finest of gritstone climbing without any creeping commercialisation, we are not the Alps we don't have the room.

The BMC have a written a charter they would like adopted to protect the cliff and a petition to  protect Stanage. I have stuck my name on it, you could too.

Seems like only a while back moves where afoot to sell off our forests. That got torpedoed, I hope this one doesn't even get off the ground or if it does the status quo which seems to have balanced the needs of users and wildlife well for decades is not torn up chasing the money of a wealthy elite who will get privileged access. That wasn't what the mass trespassers, the YHA and the outdoor education movement that led to the National Parks Act had in mind.

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