18 August 2013


After a leisurely morning and lunch, I confusedly converged with Bryn and Cosmo at Brimham. We had a play on the block near the pommel. The right face - with the jams - took some time sorting out, but I managed to get the central problem on the left face, the one where it forces you out. I'd only seen Rob do it before, so it was quite pleasing.

To the right of Cosmo, to the left of the right arete.
Then on to some breaks around the other side of the pommel itself. Had a few sterling attempts, but also managed to fall pretty much parallel with the ground, smacking my shoulder and arm on the mat and rock as seen below...

The photo makes it look worse than it is.
It was actually quite amusing - Bryn had been spotting, but the way I turned in the air meant that I managed to fall below his spot. I could have done my shoulder a mischief, but I laughed it off, enjoyed the endorphins, and tried again to make sure I could hang from it, which I could. All that's left is to see how it feels in the morning.

And that was pretty much it, as a load of Bryn's family and family friends and their children showed up at that point, and we all turned into mundanes for a scramble around - including some handstand based action from Hebe, and my mat and I teaming up to be a human bridge for some small people - followed by a just-about-deserved ice cream.
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