22 August 2013

Scatter the stones in the forest - Caley Crag boulders

Scatter them from on high, let them land where they will, make them just big enough to frighten the cautious, let a wood grow above them, add bracken in the summer. If you build it they will come.

We came like, strawberries to Wimbledon.  Filled with Dean's weird selection of Mexican rolled fruit sheets and armed with all the finger skin we could find, we got involved. 

Martin set the bar high, highballing Angel's Wall. Not bad for a man three weeks into fatherhood. Dean follows with aplomb. Sucker's Rib let's me past with an adrenaline kick at the high, high step. 

The pinch gives in to Martin's clean technique the rest of us are more mortal Dean the closest. His noise of defeat coming just after what looks like a sure thing. 

The Horn that most unlikely of blocs.  Many make light work of what took me years. Chris though falling victim to a tendon twinge. James pretty much feet free in his superhero style, his lost boot breaking his heart but not cramping his style. Dean flashing it before working out the left hand wad test. You go right on left facing holds, feet fighting for purchase, good effort.

Meanwhile me Stu and Bryn try the thin scoop of Luna which teases but will not give in. I'm told there is a knack. I don't have it.

We end up at the Creme Eggs in the gathering dusk lighting Dean and Martin on the Cream Egg eliminate, Martin nearly finishing but he can't see his feet. We head out, top night, arms broken this morning, soul filled. 

Oh and Stu put a fruit sheet on his face.
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