7 August 2013

Only climbing happened today

An uneventful day at work.

Shortly after work, though, a friend asked on Facebook "What was the highlight of your day?" to which I responded "Out climbing, now", for I had reached the crag by that stage, and was just getting into the swing of things, with Bryn, Cosmo and James. I took a photo of the scene...

This one.
...and shared it online with my friend. Good place, good weather, good friends, good times. The whole point, my friend said. Of, I suppose, the question she had asked, and maybe of life too.

Bryn and James were setting up a route, on Fluted Columns, so I went for a warm-up boulder on the nearby Menhir. I eliminated a few big footholds on the face, then helped Cosmo do a similar job - his first time up there, I think. Yes, pretty sure - because I don't remember freaking out over him being up there the way I did tonight. Freaking out in a responsible spotter style, of course... I then took on the arĂȘte in two ways, which I think constitutes a tick. Or two. Pleased with it, either way.

Once the others were finished with the route, I gave it a punt. Which is to say, I climbed it - I have climbed it before, about two years ago. Although it's difficult to quantify, I think it went marginally better this time. I still feel a resistance to routes, mostly due to the appeal of the purity of bouldering, and the lower cost, risk and time, but James - and Dean before him - have been selling it well, and this week's route went down as well as last week's. Multi-pitch seems to be mentioned more and more often, and that's something that could be a real adventure. We shall see.

A bit of delicate Egg-play, and then a trip to a gloomy Morrell's, where I encouraged some casual craggers in the art of the climb, before being unceremoniously thrown off Morrell's in no time flat. One to work on later in the week, I feel...

More photos.
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