22 July 2013

Sunday Morning Glory

This morning looked to be the only chance to fit in the second climb of the week. As is my tendency on a weekend, I overslept a little, but dragged myself up to the crag only slightly behind my planned time, and still ahead of Bryn.

Only a smidge though - I hadn't finished my walk-in when I saw him arrive. I'd hoped to re-tick our little problem to the left of Teaspoon cave before Bryn arrived, but - who would have thought? - found myself a little groggy and was thrown off it a couple of times before it finally cracked. Bryn was a little bemused by my abortive attempts, but soon understood when he too was treated to the extra grade that the morning seemed to bring, with its dewy grass and just being so damn early. Once Bryn was up, he stayed up, by which time I had gone back down. I dabbled with 'The Project', but turned this into a solo of the Teaspoon route, meeting Bryn at the top and admiring the hazy view over North Rigton.

With warm-up done, weather improving, and projects in mind, we moved on. The Crucifix area won the vote, specifically Crucifix ArĂȘte and Pebble Wall. No sends, but some fine efforts, including much pondering on the nature of pushing ourselves - that we wouldn't get anything by standing around not trying, and that we need to try things that we don't think we can do to improve. For myself, I'm enjoying a mix of working such problems with the gang, as well as climbing old favourites, which is something I can do on my own if necessary. Anyway, there might not have been a send to report, but there was progress, joyous progress.

Making our way down toward Bryn's current project, we happened across Chris (and Stella, obviously) and Martin on the Virgin Traverse. We couldn't resist joining the session, and once again made some fine progress, set off by some horror - the thought of leaving an ankle behind in that crack is not a pleasant one. Fortunately, this element was all theory, no practice, and long may it remain that way. Chris did well, but not as well as he would like, and so we'll be back on Wednesday to whisper sweet nothings into this Virgin's ear.

Bryn finally made it to his project after this, though I've no idea how he did - I went to Morrell's, making the fourth problem that I had thrown myself at without any clear result. But what a quartet! Morrell's seemed to give me a little more to hold onto on the first crimp, so I laid off it and tried to get my right foot up in a different way to my standard knee-jam, managing to momentarily match my feet on the starting handhold.

That was that though - we were suitably worked out, and other appointments were calling. Suitably psyched for another session on Wednesday, and may even pop back before then...

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