18 July 2013

How good is Round Hill

Top Pocket Finish
Hottest day since, well ever. Gio can't make it, James lands early, my youngest starts a big game of war with his super soaker, James rises to the bait Alex gets wet. Off to Masham and on into the distant moors, down a minor road which leads to a track and then onto the reservoir dam. We head over and up, Round Hill is fifteen sweaty minutes round the valley edge and up a bit.
Bloc 1

Block one is a slopey slab, we start pulling in the stifling heat.  3,4,5, 5+,  6a We tick the bloc, they are all good, perfect bilberry landings, rounded tops, enough for the feet, greasy but do-able.

Bloc two is The Ramps, a little harder in places, the tops a little more rounded, the problems a little better. The pick being High Jug a bucket fest and the sit down undercut, slot, wrestle of Tribal Wars at 6b+, a poor man's pebble wall  but this poor man could do it tonight with his new Northumberland arms. Bloc two ticked we move on, the heat sapping our strength stripped to the waste like Nam Vets, we toy with a game of Russian roulette but settling for water and bloc three.

A marvelous clean cut arete which James soon  makes better with a sitter, before the wonderful crimpy, impending wall of Senator a V2 to die for.  The obligatory rounded sandy top which James sorted out before I followed, problem of the night maybe?

Tired now we head down to the Cobble as the heat goes out the evening. We find a high stepping 6a which goes nicely before the excellent  Top pocket Finish a rock-over and jam number with a view down the valley to the dam bridge to die for.

A brilliant crag, 15 or more problems done, if I had the skin it would have been more. A feel of the pioneer, where the whole world can be seen, but not one other soul, just we lucky two. I will be back, you got to come, this is wilderness grit to dream of.

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