11 June 2013

Short Circuit - Brimham off the beaten track

I took the new guide for a walk at Brimham tonight, prospecting for gritstone gold. I sort of followed the sacrificial idol circuit , well I tried a few bits of it to be honest. I pulled on green roof, the clue is in the name it needed a good clean and then it was still pretty dank. More to the point I couldn't do it. I shuffled off beaten, I came into the clearing by cleft buttress and it was sunlit bluebell heaven.

Next I found  the frankly bonkers and brilliant Learn 'N' Groove at a friendly 6a+. You clamber into a human size hole, undercut out of it for thin crimps and then fling for a distant lip. First go I flung and missed. I cleaned the top and removed about a kilo of moss and found some huge jugs. Second go feet a bit higher, I threw again, there was a moment of real punter flight as both hands cut loose and I stuck the lip. Gritsone gold and worth the price of the guide on its own

I wandered on nothing really worked I tried a few bits but its was greasy most places. I saw a deer as I drove out and nearly got a polo embedded in the car as he pulled out without seeing me whilst I was doing 50 odd. I went round him instinctively the car heeling over alarmingly and then righting itself as I careered across the road.

But tonight belongs to the impeccable Learn N Groove and that sea of bluebells
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