6 June 2013


Louis had suggested Norwood, so we ended up at Hunter's Stones. The intent had been to do a circuit of both, and possibly Little Almscliff, but we ended up at Hunter's all night.

We'd started at the far end, on a boulder not named on Yorkshire Grit, Bryn and I finding Dave warming things up for us. We played on its cracks and arete before moving to the trig point boulder. Dave and Bryn wore down a high face problem, but I couldn't find a hold in a big break, and was frustrated. Frustrated as in I didn't do it, not that I was actually frustrated. I'd felt despondent over poor form/fitness at Almscliff last night - not progressing on Morrell's Wall - but wasn't going to let that spoil tonight. Okay, it maybe did distract me for a moment, but then the next problem along fell, and more people - Louis, Dave (plus Adalene, a friend from New Zealand), Louise (plus Josie, the dog), Chris (plus Stella, a different dog) - turned up and the momentary fog lifted.

We continued to work the trig point boulder, Louis doing the best work on a scary overhang problem that started with a leap from the next boulder down, before moving back in the direction we'd come from in order to share with the later arrivals. Everyone had a bit of a go, but the highlight was an unfortunate photo taken by Bryn of me and Chris - Chris having topped out, me in the process of doing so. I'll leave it to Bryn to post in the comments... Either way, photos were worth taking, and Bryn was in charge for the night, as my phone had run out of battery from a long day out tracking unicycle rides. Not that Bryn needs my phone to be out of action to take good photos. He had great material to work with though - the views across Swinsty, Menwith Hill and Penny Pot were glorious tonight, just the right amount sun and haze.

Hands pummeled by the sharp rocks of Hunter's, we called it a night - we didn't have enough skin left on our hands to tackle Norwood. All things considered though, we managed to get a very full session out of such a small crag.

Almscliff can be seen in the distance. It was fine though, we didn't miss her too much.

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