9 May 2013

Sunset Supermen (That's us)

Okay, I know, I know. Last night would have been better, weather-wise at least. Well, I couldn't make last night, I had to go and see my family. I'm as frustrated as anyone at myriad enjoyable things getting in the way of each other, but I hadn't seen them in a while, so it had to be done (because I wanted to do it).

So it had to be tonight. And you know what? It was okay. Sure, it started off windy, but we found sufficient nook and cranny based climbs to keep us going - or just got on with it despite the wind. Roll call: me, Bryn, John, Sammy, Rob, Rob, Chris, and Stella. Stella is Chris's dog. Stella is great fun, and makes for a fine mascot. If we threw a stick up a problem, she could probably out-climb us as well. Anyway, the wind affected my first climb, the finger pocket on the warm-up wall - I was conscious that John (who hasn't climbed outside in a while) was climbing just to my right, so when my hat started to blow in that direction I had to pluck it from the air - yes, mid-climb - and then throw it to the ground. All pretty much done in automatic mode, and I'm sure I would have just let the hat fly away if catching it had meant falling.

Next up was more Hanging Rib, and the series of problems to its right. I got as far as I had done the other day, which - by the by - is about the same distance Rob got, so it's a fair standard. The height is the issue - were the key move lower down, it would be well worth a go, but much more is at stake up there. Chris was the hero tonight, though he did have a sidekick of sorts - his knee. I'm sure he'll eliminate that next time...

Morrell's. All the mats were down, and everyone crowded round. Only Rob ticked it (not his first time) but we saw a bold move from Chris, some definite progress from Bryn, and solid attempts from everyone else on their first sessions at this particular problem. As for myself, I got the first crimp a couple of times, got my right foot up at least once, and briefly had my right had free to move for the second crimp (though it didn't reach). Definitely my best efforts this year, helped by modifying the start in a pragmatic fashion - breaking up the starting moves slightly in order to make them a little smoother, rather than trying to do all the reaching at once and end up flapping around.

Rob is not actually climbing air here. Though I wouldn't put it past him.

Morrell's Wall sheltered us from the elements, and by the time we emerged they had more or less calmed down entirely, delivering a splendid sunset, appropriate lighting for our Herculean endeavours. We ended proceedings with a play around boulder 10, Sloper Patrol and Low Man Slab. Lots to dabble with for everyone, though nothing especially radical - just a nice warm down with a delightful view of the twilight sky.

And from here, a busy schedule - The Depot on Friday night for the last night of their bouldering league. Dave has some sort of climb lined up for Sunday. And there could well be more than one night to climb on next week, due to schedule clashes and the like. Personally, I could do with some Brimham...
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