15 May 2013

Brim Ham-fisted

What is it about Brimham that seems to act as something of a reset switch? I have previously lamented how several years worth of climbing experience once opened a session at Brimham with little better than standing and butting our chests against the various walls, and tonight was little better. I blame how much I'd eaten today - I'd been at my parents' place, where food isn't backwards about coming forwards.

I was the last - of Rob, Al (good to see him out on the rock, it's been a while since I'd seen him climbing at all), Sammy, Rob and Dave - to turn up at the Pommel area, and the various problems - probably all named 'Easy arete', 'Uncomplicated roof' or similar - did nothing but vex me for quite some time. And these were all problems that I'd climbed before. The first to fall - other than me, several times, though gently (at first...) - was the classic arete in the small quad-like area, and that by unconventional methods... Which I suppose could be a good thing! Next up was a session on - yes - Easy Boulder with Al and (big) Rob. Took a few attempts, but a couple of problems went in the end. Small Roof was last in this area, another one I'd done before but had some trouble with. Everyone seemed to have their own method, and it took some moves for me to find mine - left foot high in the big break to set up for right foot on the little hook on the arete. Nearly lost it as I gained the groove on the top, but held on and finished, less gracefully that I have in the past. But I'd needed to do it, so I was more than content, and laden with some fine rock rash as a trophy.

We all moved then to the Cubic Block area. There's a problem to the left of Cubic Block that I'd wanted to try, but I wasn't feeling it at first, so went to play on the big traverse and the mantle opposite. Tried too hard on that last one, and had a couple of bad falls on to my ankle - I felt it twinge, and any further would have been a full-on twist, so I took a rest. But not for long enough, as I tried-too-hard it again, and fell again. Well, that was enough of that. It seemed that the smallest of moves up the crag had knocked the wind out of pretty much all of our sails, and we soon wrapped things up.

So, no ticks, unless you count overcoming those barriers you place in your own way. And frankly, as I always say, it all counts.

Al on Cubic Block traverse.

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