25 May 2013

Another day at the Almscliff Academy

Lesson Observation Record from the Academy 

Saturday afternoon and it must be 10 degrees warmer than Wednesday night. Its T-shirt and sun hat weather, same deep blue sky though. Dean arrives as I do, we wander up to the upper circle and Pebble Wall. Dean warms up I did my token loosener whilst he nips back to his car for sustenance. The views where magnificent, there was the whole of Wharefdale it was a cracking place to be. Let the lesson begin.

Today's lesson Objective Send Pebble Wall a 70's classic pebble wrestle, all technique and with a reputation for biting the unwary punter.

Participants - Mixed Ability one wad back from injury (Dean), one punter with ideas above his station (muggins here).

Learning Activities
I started off trying Dean's hop technique the preferred tall man's solution. Dean feigned weakness then demo'ed it no drama. He looks back on form to me after looking tired on Wednesday. I was nearly getting the awkward hop, where you need to move your right foot over maybe ten inches whilst holding a powerful undercut, but in the course of an hour I never really hit it right. Last go I gave it some beans missed and got the shin stripe Louis knows all about, but a rather milder version that shouldn't leave anything like as impressive a scar.

Dean took a learning break and polished off the low crucifix traverse in some style then nailed the step through version of Pebble Wall the preferred short persons technique.
For the remainder of the lesson I tried the cross through version which is more powerful but more secure, with a press off a Jam and a crimp. Last go it stuck so that's progress. Next lesson will be actually getting to the pebble part, I'm thinking this one may take a while.

As we were about to head off a guy came up who knew Jenny who I helped carry off in October after she landed badly off Pebble Wall. She is cycling again but not climbing yet. I hope she makes a full recovery

Punters comments  (student voice)

Thanks to Dean for the beta, the amiable company and my favourite quote of the day "When I broke my spine." I hope I never start any of my sentences that way.

Assessors Lesson Grade

Whilst the objective was not fully met the punter made some progress and must keep working toward his goal. It was good to see a strong working relationship between the punter and the wad and the banter was of good quality. Especially the bit when some bloke was offered the chance to buy his own mat for a fiver and took offence. Knocking it down to three fifty as he huffed off, was a nice touch too.

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