1 May 2013

Alm's way/Bridestoned

Almscliffe has seen a few smaller visits recently, but tonight I had a mind to stay close to Morrell's Wall, to really session it. The unlogged visits over the last few weeks turned up some reasonable results - no new ticks, but a good return to grit after the indoor season, and notably the problems were seeming easier. Had a bit more time and light to play with this evening, so tried to play a little longer. Bryn, Cosmo and Hebe were along for the ride, with James and Louis following. Most of the problems just above Morrell's went easily, with only the Postman proving awkward - can never seem to get comfortable with hanging my right arm on the top, making the next move for the hold on the corner a sketchy one - and one that I used my right arm for this time, almost resulting in a barn door.

Anyway, some play near Hanging Rib. Ticked the overhang just opposite - from a standing start, sit start to be considered later - after several efforts. Not the slickest, particularly getting over the hang, but pleasing all the same. Hanging Rib itself then got some attention, as we encouraged a random boulderer through it and dabbled ourselves, getting pleasingly close to the crux move - it was at this point that James showed up and flashed it, and then Louis showed up and flashed it. Too good, too good.

That said, I felt I got closer on Hanging Rib than I eventually did on Morrell's, which I seem to have gone backwards on since last year, barely managing to reach the first side-crimp, and having to do more to get there. I'd really like to see it go, so I guess I just need to keep working at it.

Just below my main tick of the night, at this stage being attempted by Louis and James. A harder version for them though.

In other catch up news, there was an opportunistic visit to the Bridestones on the North Yorkshire Moors recently, Bryn and I ducking out of our stay at the British Juggling Convention that was held in nearby Pickering. We got a good day for it, weather wise, and a good companion in Robinson, a juggler we know from the scene. We made the most of the first rock, Bryn spotting overhangs, pockets, lay-offs and rockovers all around it - this was my second visit, so it was good to have Bryn's eyes along this time. The rockover was the highlight - it had a slight overhang element to it, as well as some mantling. I think I may have been more or less balanced on left hand and right foot at one point, experience that could come in handy for the back of the Virgin, direct version, at Almscliffe, one of the last projects we started working on at the end of last year, and not one we've returned to yet...
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