24 March 2013

Interesting Times

The day started with a drive to Bingley to take the Boys to their Nanas. The road is closed near Dick Hudson's, had to divert via the Glen, all good until a huge drift is blocking the road. A few folks with shovels dig it out and through we go, the boys awarding adventure points left and right.

On the way back in the same place, I meet an in situ VW golf  resting on a bed of compacted snow. Another 4 x 4 arrives and in stinging arctic spindrift we get a strap on it and try and tow it back. It won't budge.

I strap my truck to the first 4 X 4 and add to the tug of war and out it comes inch by inch. I'm just about to go through the gap when another black VW golf goes and gets stuck in the exact same spot. I curse internally, then try and fake a smile. I get a rope on the car as the driver can't open the doors as the drift is too high. He too is dragged out. Time to Caley from my house via Bingley, 3 hours quite good fun though.

I wander into Caley by the roadside kicking steps in the knee deep snow. Everything is plastered the only thing in anything like condition is Forked Lightning Crack but the top has a huge wet streak running down. I wander up to the Crag, well you never know,

Not much doing here, all plastered and then that low overhanging wall on the back of Suckers Wall is dry except for a layer of snow on the top. I brush some snow off from the lip and hope the sun will dry  it, then  have a coffee and watch the sun nearly break through.

The moves off the sit start are thin, crimpy. I have tried it a few times in the past never getting off the ground. Today with super cold friction I can pull on it. After a few goes I can hold the second oh so thin crimp, if that is I keep moving through the first move.

Next I suss a sequence for my feet and start to try and link it all. A few goes no good. Finally I get the link and slap for the top and it sticks and I have no choice but to mantle in to the snow, should have brushed more snow off I think as my face goes in. I roll onto the top adrenaline pumping and all the nerve endings in my upper body screaming as the snow sucks the heat out of me. I laugh like an idiot and jump off into a drift. Cold now, time to get home, marvellous.
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