29 March 2013

Good Friday

Slipstones, the clue is in the name, more like font than grit I reckon. Helps if your strong with good core strength, I posses neither. Walked in as an advance guard this morning sombre, grey, cold . Pete and Kirsty beat me to it. Pete sorting Davies Ramp with little effort. The rest of the team arrive in a variety of footwear some suitable for wet, shin deep snow.

We hang a sloper on Supple Wall but I cling there like chad "what no progress." Louis sorts out the left finish to Slanting Flake  with his gallon drunk head on, Pete gets bitten in the finger. We skulk beneath Sulky Little Boys and it laughs at us, "come back when your stronger little boys." It hisses.

Tea party slab loves us more, A Question of Balance is just that, thin crimpy and excellent. We fill our boots. The Right Edge seems thinner and just as crimpy, it goes if you pull hard enough.

Bryn and Stu take the slabs name to heart and picnic at Hanging Rock.

Finally Micro Corner which nearly succumbs but shrugs us off. We cannot summon the power to lock out and up, so I shuffle off home leaving James and Louis cursing and trying and cursing and trying.

Slipstones then, nothing given away but if you keep coming so will the results. Just don't expect any favours. Remember your not from round these parts, were tough round here.

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