2 February 2013

Grit your teeth - Swastika Stones

I managed to get on some rock for the first time this year today. I took my healing lower back to Ilkley. It was that or lie on the lounge floor whilst the sun was out, there is no mileage in that, what if I die tomorrow?

I went up to the Swastika Stones on the Skipton end of Ilkley Moor. A few sharp angled boulders with a good range of easier problems up to maybe 6b.

I was hoping to be in the sun but I was 20 yards the wrong side of the shade line, my crag selection slightly out. There were some tasty looking slabs but smearing seemed a game for a warmer day. I warmed up, well de-colded a bit, on an overhanging arete that Jon Pearson gave V0. I thought V1 nearer the mark but it went nicely although feeling my fingers was difficult and you had to watch the patches of ice that were seeping down here and there. Cracking friction mind.

I wandered around a bit tried a few things but in the shade it was baltic. I had to keep re warming my hands and quite a few of the landings needed a spotter. I finally found the excellent looking Christmas Day Arete a balancey dyno were timing seemed all. An odd high step and a lunge for the top,  I was getting the top  but not holding it and my back kept reminding me I shouldn't really be jumping off for a few days yet. So I gave it best and headed down to the car to warm up as the chill had seeped into my bones now. Nice to be out, account opened for 2013

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