24 February 2013

Chasing Italians and the Mob - Winter bouldering

I seem to be chasing Italians at the moment. Indoors Giovanni is keeping me on my toes with a mixture of power and application. Whilst outdoors Louis who is but part of the diaspora destroyed the Horn at Caley yesterday with some aplomb. A long term project for me and only his third session on it.

I was back there today as was Craig. He moaned about the cold but we couldn't fault the friction. It was dry as you like when it wasn't snowing. A keen team of Joe, Niels and Dan from Harrogate wall arrived to scare the punters. We all warmed up on the Roof of the World. What Niels lacks in height he makes up with in raw power. He was soon flinging his way up some lip traverse, Joe sorting it out too.

Off to the Horn and Louis rocks up grinning from ear to ear. I then get the familiar sensation of some good climbers powering their way up the horn whilst I faff about with that dam heel hook and keep popping off. It got easier when Louis pointed out it wasn't sticking as my trousers were covering the heel on my shoe, no accounting for stupidity.

Craig was finding the horn tough, but Louis flashed it again after his efforts yesterday. Craig finally sorted it out and the Glitteratti wrestled with Horn Left, Niels getting oh so close but not quite finishing it.

Finally I got somewhere on the Horn. Pocket latched, top sloper held, foot up. Should have thrown for the top, but I tried for the higher pocket and missed. Fair enough best effort yet,  one more good session should finish it but this one has taken ages.

Mr Smooth next, most getting it in a couple of goes Craig forbidding the ArĂȘte after the rock-over, then resorting to it when he got there himself, to much muttering from the crowd. Louis showed rare signs of mortality and couldn't quite finish it.

The Flapjack for the scoop and a power play from Niels who sorted that 6c+ overhanging groove out with more grunt. I had to escape as they headed off for Cream Egg wrestling. I wonder how they got on? As I wandered out the heaven's opened and it was rain this time.
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