7 November 2012

The Weaker Sex?- great summer for British Women Climbers

A while back I wrote about people slagging Katy Whittaker after she sorted out the Angel's Share at Black Rocks. Anyway time has ticked on and the sisterhood needs a bit less defending these days as actions speak volumes. Shauna Coxsey has a proper pop at the world cup only being beaten by a broken leg (fair excuse). Then Hazel Findlay only goes and frees the Premuir on El Cap  along with McHaffie and Dyer who are definately both world class. As a route its not generally considered an easy day for a lady, or anyone for that matter as the team make the second ascent.

McHaffie who might on the sly be the best trad climber in the UK at the moment, was more than a little impressed by her style on the route and it sounds like there may yet be more to come. She has been touted as the best female trad climber in the world, but me thinks she might just be world class regardless of gender, oh and not bad considering she is 5 foot 2.

I think the idea that the prerequisite to be a top climber is a Y chromosome might be finally put to rest over the next few years. The women climbers in the UK are getting organised  and where Lynn Hill set the pace a few years back there will now be a wave of determined, talented and successful  women climbers who may leave a quite a mark on world climbing.
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