16 November 2012

Crash and Burn

Karrie's shelving unit was finished enough, my fear that my claims to be a maker and fitter of furniture might be a pipedream had evaporated. The sun was out, time to sneak an afternoon off. Cliff again for round 17 of Crucifix traverse siege.  It was murky now, the sun back behind the haze  but it looked dry on the ground. I walked in. A party was camped out under the traverse laying down on their mats, how inconsiderate. I warmed up. I waited for them to move, they stayed put, one woman just sprawled on her mat completely still, that's a bit rude I thought.

Then realisation dawned I was watching something unfold. Jenny as it turns out  her name was had peeled off Pebble wall.  As she had landed her knee had gone pop, she was in a bit of a bad way and she was lying there whilst the rest of her team decided which A and E to take her to.

I went and had a chat, offered any help I could and soon I was part of the carrying off team. Jenny was complaining of being cold, time to get her down I figured. Two off us carried her off in fits and starts, down to their car and off to Airedale, I wish her well looked like she might be out for a while.

I walked back in now pre-warmed up and got straight onto the traverse. The first half slipped by as I chatted to a guy who was bothering Dolphin Belly Slap. As I moved out of talking range I concentrated on the second half. The drop down went well and before I knew it the thin crimps at the end where at hand. Unlike all the other goes, I had time and energy to concentrate and my footwork was good for a change, and there it was done, no drama. Took a long time coming this one, I should have been more pleased but Pebble Wall is next on the list and it seemed important to treat the Cliff with respect today and stay sombre, it bites too often.
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