11 November 2012

A Battle of Britain

It was the Battle of Britain at the depot yesterday and I didn't go. I must get to one of these indoor comps soon but the sun was bright and it was crisp. So I hit the cliff for a brief Blitzkreig. In my sights was the crucifx traverse a punter's marathon that keeps spitting me off at the last move. The cliff was almost deserted everyone saving themselves for a plastic thrash I suppose.

Today the traverse was no different, I was making all the moves but on the link failing halfway through the last crimpy move. Three goes with long rest breaks to soak in the sun all equally as (un) successful. Last weeks manflu was still in the system I could feel the emptiness in my muscles, the lack of zip and a  nagging headache that  throbbed away.

I ran into moose who warmed up on the traverse and then, did it with the low version at about 7a his massive frame eating up problems with economical ease. He was complaining about being rusty, but he seemed to do ok for a man out of form. We had a chat, he showed me a crafty hands off rest at halfway along with a knee bar, I showed him my sneaky dropdown at 2/3 distance.

I must get to one of these indoor comps soon, but on a day like yesterday it would have seemed like a phoney war, I was glad to be battling outside.

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