15 September 2012

There's a chill in the air -Widdop again

Widdop again, long drive but too good a day to miss. Bryn was bound up with work, pity it was a belter.  The wind was howling across the reservoir as I walked up to the lakeside boulders, white caps blowing on the waves. When I got to the boulders some kind soul had put a coniferous wind break in the way and the rocks were in the lee of the wind another reason why Widdop rocks.

I did the excellent Left and Right Red Edges to warm up and tried to straighten out Foursquare but my neck was too short.  I then camped out under Splashdown my nemesis from this May. My first dozen attempts where fruitless. I was getting the sloper but peeling off as I barn-doored away from the arete.  Faffing around with minute foot positions but I was getting nowhere. Finally I  tried flagging my right leg as is was coming off as I slapped up anyway,that was the ticket, I was now leaping vertically. I latched the sloper and then the top.

No one had mentioned the Gritstone Special Elephants Arse at the top onto which a beached whale tried to squirm but I had driven a long way so I clung on for grim death and then it was done.

In the final act I met a guy from Hebden Bridge and we worked Pool Traverse, me coming the closest but failing on the final hold when the autumn sun blinded me. One to come back to. A long way to drive for one problem but it would have been further to drive and fail. Vintage stuff.

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