27 September 2012

An egg but no horn - early Autumn on Caley

I snook out from work, the sun was out things looked promising. Yet another biblical flood in this wettest of years now fading into memory, was I really watching the water lap at the sills of the car as I drove through a road disguised as a river 48 hours ago?

That chill was in the air as I walked into Caley lots was green as I walked in, lots was seeping, but that which was dry was grippy and good. I tried the sit start on the second Creme Egg it kept confusing me, hand and feet sequences were fighting each other and it was steep. I persevered dropped a knee, held a dish, feet up and slap the prow, grovel in the moss as I get to the top,  sent good start.

Next up horn torture it was the usual story no result, latched and held the pocket but didn't do enough with it. It only gives me one decent go a session but it will happen. This is my text conversation with Bryn. Good session here's to cooler weather and more off the list.

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