1 August 2012

Out and Proud

Icky forecast, might rain, did rain, stopped sun out. Nothing for it got to go to the Cliff. All the others headed for the Depot, I headed out, almost ran with belief. As I finished warming up a shower blew in you could see it coming, the fields disappearing  into the murk one by one. I had time for one more go on that thing on the far left edge of DWR that Rob flashed and I can't do. I took my chances quickly but no joy.

As the rain came I sort shelter under a lump of Gods finest and waited for the wet to pass. A rainbow came out, that meant the sun was out somewhere. Then it was sunny and windy and drying. So I waited and got back on the problem. Pull, slap, peel. They were the sounds in my head, I kept hearing them. Then I sorted my feet and threw in a half mantle and press move. Then it went, the slap stuck, worth coming.

I tried the Crucifx traverse again, trying a different sequence on that thin pumpy bit that beats me up. I got it eventually its probably a better way, didn't seem that much easier though. And finally I sat and watched the sunset as the clouds rolled away.
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