17 June 2012

Small but perfectly formed - Little Almscliff

Little Almscliff:

In need of some rocks with which to amuse two small boys for an hour while Mrs Timeticks slept. 3 Prince's headed for Little Almscliff. You would think I was taking them to the dentist's for route canal work from the whinging as we walked in. I was threatened with all manner of punishments and told "Two to one dad we must go home now. "

Suffice to say two small hands where grabbed and the grumblers were virtually dragged the 200 yards to what is really just a small version of the Cliff. Its maybe 15ft at the top, climbing on three sides, sitting up above Menwith Hill with great views over to Sutton Bank. I wouldn't drive miles to climb on it but if your passing or heading to Hunter's Stones have a go its worth it.

We got to the base of the crag and two cereal bars kept the grumblers quiet whilst they got used to being outside.  Whilst they weren't looking I nipped up Big Polished Pockets in my shoes, which was true to its name and good fun at 3+ ish. The rock was rough as you like with huge pebbles and plenty of pockets for the most part, but there was some polish in quite a few places. There looked like a little bit of scope at font 5 and 5+ but I never managed to get my rock shoes on to check.

We then spent an hour just playing on the rocks. Finding a perfect rock seat and some magical carving of unknown origin. I managed to sneak a couple more problems in between spotting duties at about 4- 4+ ish. Sounds rubbish but everybody had a great time and I had to virtually drag the former grumblers back to the car as we finished. Not a bad way to spend an hour.

Magical Carving
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