10 May 2012

Hand cream for active types - ProBalm

I am not really a new man. Oh I may do a bit of yoga, have a liking for pinot grigio and be somewhat partial to quiche but that's about as far as being in touch with my feminine side goes. When it comes to cleanse, tone and moisturise I'm out. Imagine then my surprise recently to find myself using hand cream and not just tolerating it but actually liking it.

These unlikely shenanigans started when I was trying a particular problem at Almscliffe. Pretty much every time I went I was getting a lump of skin torn out of one of my finger pads as the hardened skin calluses there came adrift. Turns out this is called a flapper. Anyway the upshot was I was waiting a few weeks between attempts rather than being able to get back on the problem in a few days as I wanted.
Gritstone is fantastic stuff, I hardly climb on anything else these days. God's own Rock it may be but it is a mighty abrasive medium. Bouldering with the endless repetitions of problems on often small or sloping holds wages a terrible toll on your hands. More often then not I was finding my hands were worn through before my body was worn out and the salt from the crisps in the pub was really stinging.

Enter ProBalm stage left with its distinctive yellow logo onto twitter and I thought why not? It's a beeswax based balm and you rub a bit in as and when. My wife can't stand the smell which is fairly distinctive, myself I quite like it. Here is the strange bit it works, at least it works for me. The only down side of all of this is mild scorn from Mrs Timeticks but even that is now easing.

My hands heal quicker in about a half of the time taken previously. I don't get flappers, not one since I started using it and the tub I bought nearly a year back hasn't run out yet. I had decided the effect was psychological a few weeks back so I stopped for a while. My finger ends pretty much peeled and flaked away after my next climbing session. So I started again and I'm back to good. Better still when I go for a bouldering session it takes longer to wear through my finger ends and reach  the "this is so painful its time to go home stage."

I am not one for evangelising products but this one seems to be worth going on about. Better still its made in Yorkshire so it's supporting the local economy. If your near Harrogate Climbing centre they stock it in their new shop. Or you can buy direct from Probalm's website.

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