6 May 2012

Glen, John, Bonnie and John

Meeting John below "John" again at Shipley Glen seemed like a plan, it was crisp and clear and 5 degrees was showing on the cars temperature gauge as the time ticked over to 9am, conditions looked good. Good it was, I had warmed up on John by the time the other John arrived. He tried Reach for the Sky but renamed it  Heading For The Mat and as he did he twisted an ankle. He was docked 0.5 for the dismount by the judges. Bravely though he got straight back on and finished it off, no surrender.

Glen Arete was now drying off in the sun I got on it before it warmed up too much. Its that awkward height between problem and route, highball is I believe the phrase.  I was quickly back at last months high point before I even knew where I was and then an easy reach up finished it off.  Don't know what I was messing about at last time. It was better with two mats and a spotter though,  It's a quality problem gives Matterhorn Arete a run for its money.

I lurched around on Lurch for a bit but couldn't commit to the jump, needs more spotters as the landing is dodgy. Then back to that overhanging traverse and stone me if that didn't go courtesy of the ultra friction.
I straightened out Bonnie's Wall on the right next and finally John went of a sitter which cheered me up. The best session of the year so far I think.

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