28 May 2012

Ganglion -Gone Climbing Injuries

So too much crimping had left my punter's body with a growing lump on the left wrist on the outside edge. It was about the size of a grape and quite hard to the touch. It was getting sore and making writing hard. I went to see my Gp who diagnosed a Ganglion, chronic but not anything to get excited about. Its all to do with an inflamed tendon sheath and if my experience of fell running in my youth is anything to go by, to be expected of my less than robust joints. 

Her prescription was "hit it with a bible" although she said it was in a difficult place to get a good aim at. Anyway as we are a fairly Godless house I had to make do with Mrs Time Tick's address book. Quite off putting smacking yourself in the wrist with a heavy book as hard as you can especially when you are in some kind of yoga contortion to enable easy access. 

I can report that the "faith healing" worked a charm. I  had to have a couple of swings but it popped on the second thrash and all is now normal shaped and Bristol fashion. I love a happy ending.
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