29 March 2012

The time of your lives - First Almscliff trip 2012

Winter as the wildlife documentary cliche goes  "Unfurls its Icy fingers early" and the superheated Cliff is like Harrogate Climbing Centre with the lid off. All the faces from the winter hibernation look better in a early evening glow.

Enthusiasm gets the better of me and I'm a spent force in 40 minutes. At least Pork Chop Slab finally gets straightened out. Rob takes the bit between his teeth and with his heart in his mouth, pulls over onto the slab at the top of Flying Arete, good effort.

Jordan's a dark horse, who can always pull harder, further and once more and then be supremely modest about it. Giovanni takes his first baby steps outside and notices the difference when the holds aren't coloured, then he gets a few to start his collection.

Bryn rocks up and rocks up to the crimps on Morrells Wall but then gravity bites.

Floodlit dynamism in the dusk provides an ego trip for those that can fling and leap. Many are called and a few latch the top as Jupiter and Venus light up the southern sky.

Then there are all those stories that I don't know as you were doing your own thing on other stones. Whether you did or did not, I hope like me, you had the time of your life.

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