25 February 2012

The Knowledge

Brimham is brilliant but I have tended to hit the Pommel boulders to often. Great area but other boulders are available. Today was a voyage of discovery that started in a chilly wind and ended in the glare of the February sun. Stuart came to join the Odessy. My plan to solo Fag Slab backfired before it began. It was cold,windy and I backed off but it looked do-able on a good day.

Next was the technical groove of Whisky Galore which is all about your feet. I use my feet reasonable for a man of my age but could I get them onto that high edge? I could not. Mind you I was delighted to get as far as I did. This one is troubling the scorers now and would be step change in difficulty. A couple showed me and Stu the way, their puppy licked my face and then they mistook Stu and myself for a couple. their gaydar was out of calibration I think.
We ended up next on the trackside boulder. Which delivered problems that were steep and powerful and slabby and smeary in spades. Everyone got something to add to their collection and we met another couple who didn't ask us if we were together, but I was acting macho now just to make sure.

Finally that prow near the cubic block which frustrated and teased and skinned my fingers. Then Mr couple 2.0 demolished it with a monster slap, easy for the young and hollow cheeked but I will be back.

So no big wins but two days ago I felt like death on a stick with a sore throat, all in all not bad. I have climbed right through the winter this year for the first time in decades. The friction is fantastic my winter grump is less pronounced and the problems are quieter.
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