19 February 2012

Chillin in the forest

Sun was out should be great I thought, Caley wasn't feeling the love though, the sun was just skimming the ridge and shining in the valley, on those lumps of grit it was Baltic. Friction was great, I warmed up on Chicken Heads and chanced my arm on Low Pebble Wall but it was so cold I had no faith in my boots. Off up to the crag and I managed to scare myself half to death on Mr Smooth. The top slab looked green but wasn't and my fingers were still cold as I wobbled up the slab, warmed me up though. Stu and Karrie arrived and we puntered about on the flapjack I even got my head in the sun stood on top of it.

That sit start middle cream egg prow was next on the menu and it nearly succumbed but hitting a pocket blind was proving tough. I got the sequence once but failed to finish, should go next session. I pretty much wore my shoulders and fingers out on that one. Stu got it from stood up and Karrie had a horror on it but finished it anyway. After that the Horn beat me easy, but I saw a guy get it and I liked his style so have some plans for next time. Nice to be outside again and nice to get up a few classic problems. Good session, cracking friction just wish it was easier to stay warm on a day like today.
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