6 January 2012

Run, Forest, run!

This isn't technically a climbing post, but relates back to my resolution to start running in order to climb better. Barely a week has passed, and already I've managed to get 2 runs in, turning my regular dog walk into a dog jog.

Now the good news is that I haven't had to turn into a serious runner. In fact, to the untrained observer I merely look like a dog walker in a hurry. No hi-vis, no expensive trainers, and definitely no lycra! Having the dogs with me brings it challenges- they don't do straight lines very well, take breaks to perform ablutions, and grab any opportunity to eat anything foul. However, it's a good feeling running with the pack, and they keep a good pace. The route starts quite tough with a climb up the hill to the crag, but after a while I stopped feeling like someone had punched me in the kidneys. Then the run/ stagger back down across the fields, which currently resemble the Somme. Check out the route here.

One of the reasons I'm posting this, apart from proof that I'm taking this whole resolution thing seriously, is that it will be interesting reviewing how I get on during the year. My first runs were around 44 mins, and I'm hoping that will go down as I get fitter. Also, I'm hoping to extend the distance- this route is 2.7 miles, but I can easily add in a romp around Low Man, or head out towards Stainburn Forest. The real trick, however, is going to be keeping it up, so watch this space!

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