1 January 2012


As we tick tock into 2012 I started thinking of my tick list for the upcoming year. Needless to say there are still enough left on last years to carry over, but what more should I add? However, at the same time as I think of various rocks and routes people all around me are resolving to do all sorts of things in 2012, most of which seem to be a lot less fun than going climbing. Now I've never been of the opinion that I should deprive myself of anything, so resolutions just aren't my bag. But I started to think 'Maybe they might help with my tick list?' In terms of pushing my climbing, what could I resolve to do? So here are a few I settled on

1. Watch my weight. Now I'm no lard arse but I have noticed I can easily fluctuate either end of a stone, dependent on some minor lifestyle choices. And surely getting an extra stone up a crimpy overhang can't be helping. So I'm going to try and make life a bit easier on myself, watch the flapjack intake, and keep up the cardio which brings me onto...

2. Running. I've recently discovered that I can actually run up to the crag from my house, and back, and not die in the process. I've always been suspicious of running as a form of exercise- particularly when you can sit down and exercise on a bike- but apparently it burns off the calories like nobodies business, and it's quite a good laugh.

3. Training. First off, my 11-year old, Cosmo, got a chin-up bar for Christmas (he got hooked on chin-ups at the Depot) and I thought 'I could do a few of those every now and then'. But I remembered reading on forums that chin-ups are great for your upper body, but not so great for your hand and finger strength. So second step was getting some rock rings to dangle off. I started dangling off door frames a few weeks back when I was too occupied to climb, but these look a lot less painful than 90 degree pieces of wood. So plan is to get into some sort of routine with these.

4. Time on rock. My good friend Dean is a great advocate of this theory- the only way you improve is by spending time out there. In particular, at least twice a week, so that is going to be my aim. Frustratingly I live 5 minutes drive from two of the best crags in the UK but spend far too little out there. Hopefully the wife's recovering ankle will mean she gets some more dog walking in and I get more climbing in. Plus, Cosmo is going to be keen as mustard to get out as well, so I'll have to do it in for the sake of the kids.

So those are my resolutions. As for my tick list, that is going to take a bit more thought. But I'm sure I'm pointing in the right direction (ie. up the hill).
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