3 January 2012


There is a  new online tool out there  for Climbers called iCoach by Mark Reeves @Verticallife. After you register and fill in a climbing profile,  It lets you find out which are the 5 things you should be focusing on in your climbing training. I wasn't surprised to find that my targets are mainly psychological as I know its an area of my climbing I could develop more let me explain...

Today I  put my tick list for 2012  on to the blog. Not too much unexpected on the list. Some boulder problems which represent some challenges and unfinished business from last year.  Also though after some thought I have included arguably the best route on Stanage, Right Unconquerable. Just putting it on the list required some soul searching.

When I was 17, I fell 30 foot or so down Right Unconquerable  and my feet touched the ground on the stretch as the rope came tight. Actually they touched the snowdrift at the bottom as it was late February. In hindsight it was a majestically  stupid decision to attempt it so early in the year and how can you fall that far on one of the most protectable routes on grit? Anyway it has been unfinished business for 25 years  and its time to try and lay some ghost to rest while the mind and body still allow. I also want to see if experience and guile can triumph over  the unfocused enthusiasm of youth.

I have said to Mark that I will use his training tips from his book How to Climb harder and the targets provided by iCoach to try and improve my climbing.  I  will blog about the results weekly if I can. I am not expecting sudden or dramatic results but it will be interesting to see if I can improve  aspects of my performance and more  to the point get up some routes that I certainly wouldn't have considered a year or two ago.

I am just waiting for my copy of the book to arrive and then we will get into it.
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