5 January 2012

The calm after the storm

It had blown up quite a storm for 36 hours and it was still windy as I got to Caley. That wasn't the worst of it. It was really wet on the ground. Out of a sense of duty more than hope I waded up the muddy track to the Horn. It wasn't wet, but it was damp. I looked around for something to warm up on. Nothing else was dry at all.

Trees had been blown down left and right. Pine tree Arete should now be Birch tree Arete as one had landed at the base. If anyone is fancying a go soon, it needs a bow saw to clean round the base.

Anyway after hope of a warm up was gone, I  ran on the spot to move some blood and had a few goes on the Horn. I was getting off the ground but no real progress. The atmosphere was too dank for inspiration, so I gave it best and headed for the Glen, this time hope was all I had.

The world was nicer at Shipley Glen once I had driven though two pretty impressive floods. The sun was out and there was some dry rock amongst a lot of wet streaks. I warmed up and tried my silly little 6B traverse that no on cares about. Spent an hour unpicking the sequence but in the end either the footholds were to damp or I had one too many pies over Christmas. Either way I ran out of crimp and finger skin and the moved down the edge a bit.
Wedding Present

I found a couple of nice little problems to amuse myself and ended up on the micro arete of Wedding Present.  Which I climbed from lower and lower until it went from a proper sitter and the light was beautiful and it was not a bad start to the year considering.
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