28 April 2011


Some progress being made into my list this week. Firstly, I checked out Brandrith Crags- part of the Thruscross collection of rocks, and one that fits into the 'esoteric' group. Unfortunately I had two large dogs attached to me by leads, so didn't actually climb anything, but now know where they are, how to walk in, and reckon they are definitely worth a trip. Lots of pleasant scrambling, some highball stuff, and a few boulder problems in there somewhere.

Secondly, both Stu and myself got up Chips at Caley Roadside last night- not the most technical of climbs, but probably the scariest thing I've been up in a while! A good session as well with a few other ticks, but you could almost feel the bracken getting taller by the second.
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21 April 2011

Slowly Slowly

So another evening bothering Crucifix Arete and more progress,  but still not getting to the top.  How long can one middle aged, balding man spend climbing 15ft of rock or more to the point how many times must I climb the first 10ft?

Anyway beautiful evening and thanks to the two talented, patient, skinny people who showed me how to get my feet up into the break.
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18 April 2011

A Sandwich and a Fairy cake in the woods

After banging my head against a brick wall on the Crucifix Arete and traverse at Almscliffe recently a change was needed.
Caley provided respite care to soothe the  bad back that the Virgin Traverse provided last week.
Alone in the  woods excepting a solitary Bullfinch much fun was had working out the way up  the oddly named Sandwich and Fairy Cake both V2 and the back didn't react.

Best session yet this year.
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11 April 2011

Picnic at Spofforth Rocks

Last Friday the glorious sunshine led me to abandon my plan for a lunch-time session at Harrogate Climbing Centre and swing by Spofforth instead. I've been up there once or twice before, and ended up having a fine picnic in the sunshine atop one of the large blocks that are dotted around the field above the river Crimple.

Much of the rock there is of dubious quality- very sandy, green, and I even found a dead bat on one hold! However, its all great for a pootle about and you can end up getting high up very easily. Short on time (it was my lunch hour), and baking in the sun I ended up doing some 'proper' climbing on the Tower block- the one furthest away. This has a great big wall, with some solid pockets and breaks, that comes in at 5/ V1- great landing but mine had no mat on it so I backed off. It also has some more over-hanging stuff, some good aretes, and a 'round-the-block' traverse that I couldn't suss out at all!

I can see Spofforth making a great option for future lunch hours- especially as it is just off the Harrogate ring road- and hopefully a few more picnics as well.
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