19 December 2011

Worth every Penny

The Mountain rescue are all over the media at the moment saying their volunteers are struggling to raise funds to allow them to go on all the callouts they  are being asked too. Worth bearing in mind that if you ever come a cropper, more than a few hundred yards from a road. It's the rescue who will get you on your way to hospital. With this in mind and because they are volunteers. I have put a few quid in the pot via the giving link on their site.
They once came looking for me when I nearly got into bother on top of a moor, in some pretty iffy conditions. Despite mine and a few of my friends stupidity. They calmly came looking for us and didn't give us the earful we probably deserved. Even when we all turned up late, but safe. If you are careful you should never need them, but nice to know they are there.

Oh and on the continent in certain places. No insurance and they leave you where they find you and that seems barbaric.
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